Apply for a research residency

Our food systems are broken. Do you have an idea that could potentially change the world and help feed more people, reduce waste or make better use of our planets limited resources?

We’re looking for passionate and self motivated individuals with an idea or question that will challenge how our broken food systems work. We offer you a 12 week programme research residency in Green Lab with a likeminded community to support you in developing an original research project.

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1. Your Idea

Your idea or question needs to be simple and focused - we have particular interests in algae, entomology, precision robotics, aeroponics, circular systems and aquaculture.

2. Lab research

Use the lab facilities to develop your research project by spending a minimum of 2 days a week on site. We offer a structured residency with regular reviews and mentoring.

3. Share your project

Share the outcome from your research with the lab community and on our wiki. Culminating in a final 15 minutes presentation at one of our openhouse events.

past & present research residents


Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun

Founder of Prometheus_lab


Paige Perillat Piratoine

Cordyceps research


Sneha Solanki



Adaptive Capacity

Public engagement & events