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Hello Brixton

Green Lab will be saying goodbye to our Bermondsey home at the end of September in preparation for our move with 3Space to International House, Brixton.

Taking root over the 5360sqft 2nd floor we will spend the first few months ripping out walls, floors and ceilings to create an environment we can grow into. Being fully self funded this process is going to take time and determination and we welcome any volunteers eager to share there time and skills. Be it painting one wall or planting our first seeds, we need the help of our community to help Green Lab grow – if you can spare any time to help please get in touch at hello@greenlab.org

International House, Brixton

The new lab will house a community focused center, hot desks, fixed desks, private studios for small businesses and startups, growing space, BIO lab, makerspace equipped with digital fabrication, FOOD lab, and a fully adaptable hireable event space.

We offer a hub for engaging our community with food, water and waste issues. Challenging young designers and businesses to tackle these complex problems for the future, offering mentorship and residencies to test research and ideas. There will be affordable space to grow and make within the city and we will provide studio/office space for small businesses ready to push there idea from concept through to product.

We are looking for members whose businesses have a positive environmental impact and aspire to achieve social good. We will provide space for funded start-ups or those still looking for incubation with the potential to scale. Previous members of the lab include Entocycle (funded start up), Bento Bio (self funded through crowd funding) and Algaceuticals (funded by research institutions), all of whom represent various ways to fund your idea and see it grow.

We will offer workshops for all ages to engage with design solutions for living more sustainably, working with local schools, youth groups and adult learning. We hope to become an important part of our new community offering affordable event space for a mixture of free and accessible events for anyone wanting to engage with future thinking.

Our focus is on food, water and waste systems, redesigning these for urban living, with sustainability at our core. At our new home we will have the addition of a fully equipped BIO lab for residents to analyze and experiment in a sterile environment. We will also benefit from a FOOD Lab, a commercial kitchen ideal for food startups testing there products and utilizing the best ingredients for our future food.

Floor Plan

Become a founding member of our new Brixton site and and help to shape the lab – spaces are limited so register your interest below.

Become a member

All memberships include rates, utilities (fair use policy), furniture, reception with delivery and post collection, high speed WiFi and internet and access to a shared kitchen.

Membership includes access to bookable equipment and work spaces in the BIO Lab, FOOD Lab and Makerspace (incl. 3D printers & Laser cutting)