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We’re looking for individuals or teams developing projects pertaining to food, water, waste and material initiatives with an early stage prototype (research project) or working service design. You’ll be in the early stages of growth with an idea that you’ll be looking to scale.

We offer affordable lab space and workspace to incubate early initiatives and startups. Our residencies provide access to the Green lab, the facilities, our community and investment network. It’s a place to develop your proof of concept, or scale an idea into a working model using the facilities we have. The research residency lasts 12 weeks.

Located just 60 seconds from Bermondsey Jubilee Line station, Green Lab is within easy reach of London Bridge, Waterloo and the City of London. Designed over two floors, Green Lab offers urban agriculture & sustainable food startups access to:

• 150 sq.m co-working and event space available for product launches, networking and workshops
• Workshops with hand tools, 3D printer, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, pillar drill and electronics bench
• Wet lab to prototype and experiment with larger installations of agritech and urban farming projects
• A bio-lab for research and experimental work with PCR machines, incubators, gel electrophresis, microscope, eppendorf kits
• Vibrant community of early stage agriculture to full-om permaculture workshops
• Fast WiFi and fixed internet access with secure storage for projects.
• Access to a specialist mentor and investor network focused purely on agriculture and urban farming

How do I get involved?

We would like you to commit at least 2 days per week in the Lab and attend all 3 openhouse events during your residency. Every week you will update a project page on the Green Lab wiki to share you research and process throughout the 3 months – this is part of our opensource ethos: you must be comfortable with sharing your research for the world to see and build on. Every week you will also attend your (30 minute) mentor sessions (an informal chat to share your research and keep you on track). At the end of the 3 months you will present your project at an openhouse evening and publish your research onto the wiki. You will also have built an opensource module for replication of your projects. We also expect you to act as lab and brand ambassador and Respect the lab and other projects, maintaining a clean and positive working environment.


You must submit a proposal on our google forms link here

Research residency structure:
Throughout the residency you will be matched with a mentor who is part of the green lab team and has relevant knowledge in the field you are researching. Alternatively, we can match you with an outside sponsor or research project that can help you catalyze your project and impact.

Each week there will be an informal meeting regarding progress, how we can be of more help and anything else relevant.

Access to this 12 week research residency and everything mentioned above is funded by us, meaning their will be no cost for you to take part. However we can discuss acquiring further funding for materials etc after you have submitted your proposal and we have an idea of your needs.

We are creating a list of equipment, materials and machinery available for use at the lab, please contact us for more details.

Month 1:

When you start your residency you will have an initial proposal from application, the 1st month is for you to conduct research for this proposal, develop a brief, consider what resources and materials you will need, finalise how much space you require and to develop a research question. Please record as much of your process as possible, enrolling our help if needed. You should produce one blog entry per week:

Week 1: Appropriating the Space. This week will be used to familiarize yourself with the Lab, it’s various equipment and departments and the terms of use.  You will be required to partake in an induction. Everyone who uses the lab has a responsibility to care for it and contribute to it’s success, we are a collective that works together, so take the time to meet other Green Lab residents as well, and create connections or collaborations if it is relevant.

Week 2: Set up your space and evaluate it. Name your project and write a short description. We will make a sign for you. Start planning what materials you’ll need and start to order them. Establish an expenditure sheet.

Week 3: By now you should have a clear picture of your goals and timeline for the rest of the Residency. Describe it.

Week 4: At the end of the 1st month you will have a review with the core team – for this you will be expected to have created content for our wiki page documenting your work so far, created a timeline/Gant chart for the remaining 8 weeks of the residency to help achieve your goals and be showing commitment to your project – to complete the residency you are required to pass this review. Should you need funding, this is when we will do our best to help you access it.

Month 2:

You should be conducting practical research and making from the second month onwards, creating content for the green lab website/social media and wiki at least weekly.
Here we will set up your profile on the Green Lab website as a research resident- for this you will have to prepare a short description of yourself and what you are pursuing at Green Lab.

Week 1, 2, 3, 4: By now your researching should be in full swing. You should be learning and enhancing your knowledge and the wiki every week and starting to think about how you can present your research at the end of the residency.

Month 3:

Week1/2: You will be preparing for your openhouse evening at the end of your residency – producing outcomes/or in the case your project is not going as expected, producing clarity as to what when wrong and how you could change processes.

Week 3/4: One week before the openhouse you will present your work so far to the core team so we can discuss your project in its globality, help you produce a strong outcome and successful presentation for openhouse.

For more information about the research residency please contact us on 07841 200450 or email

Lab equipment

Lab equipment

Lorenzo working on his bay

For more information about the research residency please contact us on 07841 200450 or email